Rebuilding Your B&O Cartridge

We can often rebuild original B&O cartridges, but it does not make sense to rebuild certain models. The reason for this is that there are many INTERNAL aging effects that require rebuilding and would be more costly to do this than to purchase our new production models. Specifically, the original  MMC5, 4, and 3 are too costly to rebuild fully. We often CAN rebuild the original MMC2 and MMC1 -  and we  do so at different costs. If the stylus is intact (not broken off), and found to be NOT worn on careful microscopic inspection, we can rebuild them for internal problems such as lost channels or distortion - for a flat fee of $295. If the stylus is worn or snapped, we can fully rebuild as new, allowing you to realize a $200 savings compared to the cost of our new models SMMC2 and SMMC1.

IMPORTANT ! When you use our link below to get an RA number for sending us your original B&O cartridge  PLEASE DO NOT use the prices shown on the retipping page as those prices DO NOT APPLY to B&O models and it will SLOW DOWN YOUR REPAIR considerably as we will put it aside. You must select “OTHER” and type in the rebuild price for a given model, as described below. Not following this instruction will slow down your repair considerably.

We rebuild Soundsmith made B&O cartridges, as well as most (but not all) original B&O cartridges.As stated above, it is not cost effective to fully rebuild the original MMC5, MMC4 and MMC3 models. 

The cost for rebuilding Soundsmith and B&O models is as follows:    

SOUNDSMITH       B&O Original (if condition permits rebuild)
SMMC2 $350 B&O Original MMC2 $295 (if stylus intact and not worn)  - Otherwise full rebuild is $599
SMMC1 $450 B&O Original MMC1 $295 (IF stylus intact and not worn) - Otherwise full rebuild is $799
SMMC20E $150 B&O Original MMC20E $250 (also includes MMC20S, MMC3000)
SMMC20EN $250 B&O Original MMC20EN $350 (Also includes MMC4000)
SMMC20CL $450 B&O Original MMC20CL $599 (also includes MMC 6000)
SMMC20CL+ $550 B&O Original MMC20CL $799 (we will upgrade to the CL+) (also includes MMC6000)

SP series cartridges (as shown) – we do not manufacture new models, but can rebuild yours.
You may choose your quality level of rebuild  $150 for Aluminum w/Bonded Elliptical stylus, $250 for Aluminum w/Nude Elliptical stylus, $350 for Sapphire with Contact Line stylus.

CLICK THIS TO GO TO OUR RETIPPING/REBUILDING PAGE (remember to select OTHER and use above pricing)

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the Soundsmith MMP4 is simply a miracle and one of the most significant improvements in my system...

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