Classic Audio Electronic Repairs

If you are considering sending your equipment to us for repairs, please read our repair policies and packing instructions before contacting us.

Soundsmith has an extremely long history restoring gear – over 40 years. We perform FULL restorations, not Band-Aid partial work with a flimsy warranty. We warranty the entire unit in most cases for one full year.

Most Common Questions and Answers

Q: How can Soundsmith provide that kind of warranty when no one else does?
A: We insist on working at a high level of performance and professionalism – no compromises. Our vast history of service and service records allows us to do this.  If you want to enjoy your classic gear for years to come,  we are here to make that happen for you. Every unit we work on is modified to remove all known weak links in the design – period.

Q: How do I go about understanding your policies with respect to charges, and how do I send it to you?
A: We place a maximum or limit on each piece for full restoration, and will do our work for that amount or less. If we find while working on any unit that it would go over that maximum, we will contact you. If you do not wish the repair done at that time, there is no charge for our labor or parts. To send it to us, you must contact us for an RA, and get packing instructions.


Q: Does Soundsmith work on units that others have “looked at”, or said after looking at it, they “can’t get parts”, or were unsuccessful at repairing?
A: Unfortunately, no. There are many butchers out there, we don’t need to see their work. We cannot warranty for one year once someone has poked around in any unit.

Q: Will you work on something someone has been into and forgo your warranty?
A: No. Sorry. Butchered gear almost always results in unhappy customers. Life is short. We like pleasing people, and ourselves.

They Said What?

all vinyl aficionados with high-end systems owe it to themselves to hear this thrilling cartridge. Just be warned that living with the Soundsmith Strain Gauge will only lead to many foolishly late nights.

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