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Need a new B&O cartridge? You have come to literally the best place in the world for the solution. We are the only manufactuer of these cartridges, and we are authorized to do so under liscence by Bang and Olufsen. They are fully warranteed against  manufacturing defect for one full year. Soundsmith is the number one source world-wide for NEW replacement and rebuild services for certain models of B&O cartridges. Want to upgrade your cartridge and performance?  Easily done. The B&O plug-in replacement cartridge design allows use of a wide range of cartridge models and performance for each turntable model.

(Do you want to use a B&O cartridge on a NON-B&O turntable? You now can, with our NEW B&O adapter - Please click this !)


We also sell a ½" adapter (pictured left) allowing this series of cartridges to be used in non-B&O turntables click on this link for more details.

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Ready to buy and already know the Model you need, Here is the Order Form

They Said What?

"The Voice will wring every last drop of performance from it at a price that, in a world where most competitors go for two, three and four grand (up to ten large), is extremely reasonable and probably a great bargain. It is easily a reference quality cartridge with the added edge of being supremely musical, which is why Peter is going to have to pry this thing from my cold, bloody hand to get it back!"

- James Darby, StereoMojo

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