How to Troubleshoot and Repair Your Equipment

If you have one channel down or cutting out:

If more than one source is bad, (ie tuner, CD, tape, etc), proceed to step #1 below.

If the problem is with one source only: Reverse the positions of the plugs coming from the defective source component where they enter the preamp or receiver. Make sure you turn the volume down all the way first. Do Not Turn Off The Units!

If the problem changes channels, the external component or cables are bad. Note which channel is now defective, turn the volume down again, and reverse positions of the plugs at the back of the external component you are testing. If the defective channel remains on the same side as the last test, the cables are bad. If it changes sides, the component is defective.

If the problem is on multiple sources, and there is a tape deck being used, disconnect the tape deck cables completely from the receiver or preamp to determine if the deck or cables are causing the problem. (Yes, a bad tape deck or cables can cause channel problems.)

If the problem remains:

Step 1) Note which channel/speaker is bad. Turn off amplifier POWER.
Step 2) Reverse the positions of the signal input plugs at the back of the amplifier, and turn it back on.

If the problem remains on the same speaker, the amp may be defective. See Step 3.

If the problem switches speakers, see Step 4.

Step 3) To eliminate the speakers and wires from being the problem, note which channel is defective. Turn the amp off and reverse the speaker wires at the back of the amplifier by moving the right channel wires to the left outputs, and the left to the right. Turn it back on. If the problem stays on the same speaker, the speaker or wire on the bad side is defective. If it reverses, it’s the amp.

If you followed step 2 as above, then:

Step 4)  If the problem changes sides, the preamp, cables, or associated equipment is at fault. Note the bad side, turn the amp off, and reverse the plugs (that feed the amp) at the back of the preamp (left to right, and right to left). Turn the amp on. If the problem remains on the same side, the cables between the preamp and amp are defective. If the problem switches sides, then the preamp is defective.

They Said What?

All were tested via recording with the Creative X-Fi and by listening thru AKG 701s, AKG K550, Beyerdynamic 990 Pro, and finally with Fostex Full Ranges in DIY cabinets.  So how did they rank?

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