An Unparalleled Warranty

Our Cartridges are guaranteed for two years, with the exception of the Hyperion and Helios, which are covered for a full 10 years, including free retipping (!!) to the original owner. An absolutely unheard of warranty for cartridges. And - we can rebuild any of our cartridges always and repeatedly for only 20% - so they are the best long term values around. Cartridge rebuilds for other manufacturers? Yes, over 40 years of this work - One year warranty.

Classic equipment repairs? Over 40 years of electronic restoration work and the best warranty anywhere. We provide a one year FULL UNIT warranty on all equipment serviced including heads, motors, lasers, cartridges, tubes and vacuum tube power supply parts if those parts are replaced during repair. Upon completion, all repairs are sealed with tamper proof labels. Has your equipment been "looked at" by another shop? On very rare occasions, we will look at a unit that has been worked on or "looked at" by someone else. If this is the case, please contact us and ask to speak with Mark.

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They Said What?

"If you pass on the Sussurro because it’s not as expensive as the other cartridges, or it’s not a moving-coil, or it doesn’t have Japanese mysticism attached, you are making an error. This cartridge is the real deal, and is very enthusiastically recommended."

- Philip Holmes, Dagogo

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