Dragonfly Stand Mount speakers

Soundsmith speaker designs are crafted exclusively by Peter Ledermann, who has a long history in the legacy loudspeaker industry. Peter served for many years as Director of Engineering at the Bozak Loudspeaker company working alongside Rudy Bozak, one of the audio industries legacy founders and leaders in loudspeaker research and development. The Dragonfly (and Monarch) designs are the distillation of a lifetime of Peter's thinking in speaker development, long listening sessions and discussions with many notable industry engineers with whom Peter maintains a close relationship. These designs are evolutions crafted from the many discoveries Peter made while at Bozak and beyond, discoveries and innovations simply not found in other speaker designs. Peter's designs always solicit "Best Of Sound" comments at every audio show, often surpassing show sound rooms boasting  speakers costing $50K and more. 

Soundsmith speaker designs. Jaw droppingly unbelievable sound from a small enclosure.....from a legendary designer.

Designed to provide smooth response into the deep bass region, excellent imaging and warm midrange from an easily positioned enclosure, both the Dragonfly and the Monarch speaker employ the most stable loudspeaker materials and production methods known. They also feature tweeter protection and peak amplifier power indication. Soundsmith bookshelf or "stand mount" speakers will easily fill a room with wall-to-wall sound, and are engineered to provide many years of revealing sound reproduction.

Available in Beech, Cherry and Piano Black finishes


88 dB SPL Rear Ported


    width height depth   weight
Speakers inches cm. inches cm. inches cm.   lbs. kg.
Dragonfly 7.500 19.050 12.000 30.480 11.000 27.940   16.50 7.48
IN BOX (2/BOX) 22.000 55.880 15.250 38.735 17.000 43.180   38.00 17.24
Monarch   8.500 21.590 14.000 35.560 14.250 36.195   20.50 9.30
IN SHIPPING BOX 18.000 45.720 13.000 33.020 19.500 49.530   25.00 11.34


26 Lbs



They Said What?

I listened to this cartridge for about two months, for full break-in, even though it had about 30 hours on it as stated in a note with the delivery package. Several hundred hours later, I realized I was enjoying it more and more, and only then decided to run it through the test process.

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