Soundsmith's automated Audio Tester ~ the CDT-4

The CDT-4 tests for intermittent signal level change, CD skips, noise distortion or loss of signal. Errors are logged for up to 5 days or more in non-volatile memory and are displayed on large numeric LED's. Error information can also be fed via an RS232 port to a computer or printer for complete error printout. The CDT-4 comes with a specially engineered audio CD, and may be used for automated integrity testing of any analog signal path. It runs on either the supplied 13 volt AC transformer, or on 12 volts DC for automotive stereo testing.

Users for the tester include audio servicers, custom home installers, audio retailers, engineers and service personnel in the radio and television broadcast industries, computer sales and service people, audio manufacturers, automotive stereo dealers/servicers and those involved in telephony testing.

The problem with any electronic service is that failures can be caused by temperature induced stresses, condition of components, assembly errors, etc., and many of these failures are intermittent in nature. Unlike the situation where there is a catastrophic failure and subsequent repair can easily be confirmed, intermittent failures must be tested at length both prior to repair and afterwards in the effort to establish what the likely fault is, and to provide confirmation that a repair has been properly effected.

Until now, the only method for such testing was to listen to the unit being serviced constantly and carefully. If more than one unit is being serviced (which is often the case for repair shops), such monitoring is simply not possible. An excellent solution is our CDT-4 tester, a stand-alone device that will independently monitor the unit being serviced. The CDT-4 has been developed to allow technical or non-technical personnel to automatically and non-invasively test for errors. This is accomplished by using our specially prepared CD test disc and simply connecting the CDT-4 into the external audio jacks (with computer or CD-ROM, headphone or line out jack).

The CDT-4 features a multi-segmented display on the front of the instrument to indicate the number of tests, number and type of failures, and when during the testing they occurred. A computer interface is provided to allow the user to view, store, or create a print-out of the results. This information is invaluable in allowing the technician to pinpoint the nature of the problem, and to then effectively solve the problem.

Suggested List Price     $1999.95
Suggested List Price Test CD     $44.95
(includes power supply, test CD, manual)

They Said What?

"If I had to live with just one cartridge, I would choose the Paua, because it offers more with a wider range of the recordings in my collection. As it stands, the cartridge will be happily employed spinning records in the future, as we have added it to our reference fleet."

- Jeff Dorgay, TONE

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