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How to Choose a Cartridge

The Paula Fixed Coil Cartridge

Where do I start?

Maybe it's best to draw an analogy that is easy to relate to. Certain critical parts of the design of a race car will allow it to stay on the track - to allow the driver to not fly off the road - mainly, the tires, and suspension.  THAT is the cartridge in your analog system. It is KEY.

The engine and transmission - that's the preamp, amplifier, turntable and speakers. Power, and consistency, smoothness (lack of distortion). But none of them will help you stay on the road.

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They Said What?

"If you pass on the Sussurro because it’s not as expensive as the other cartridges, or it’s not a moving-coil, or it doesn’t have Japanese mysticism attached, you are making an error. This cartridge is the real deal, and is very enthusiastically recommended."

- Philip Holmes, Dagogo

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