Sprout   9/3/82 - 7/23/01


Razor Rays who cut the deep
and travel where I cannot go
whose singing wakes me from my sleep
to teach me what I cannot know

Where time is such a precious thing
where every moments handed down
too deep for us without fin or wing
immersed in every changing sound

and you have spied on us above
which for you is down beneath
and wondered how we carry love
away from shoal and coral reef

bright clouds umbrella mountain green
unfold above the liquid land
whose beauty known remains unseen
still crafted by your steady hand

you hover where I cannot dwell
you swim in what I cannot know
immersed in what you do so well
I float above you fly below

where time is split by each flapping wing
and stills the now and floats the hour
and splits again each time you sing
while praising each and every flower

as seeing is the cause of eyes
believing forms a need to know
while feeling casts its net for lies
loving sets it free to go

each day forsake these damaged goods
recycle me in lava flows
and let each Sprout retune the woods
till we can sing what heaven knows

                         peter ledermann - 8/2000


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