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Repair Policies and Packing Instructions!

(IMPORTANT INFORMATION!, print this page !)

Warranty and Repair Status:
Compare our warranty! We provide a one year FULL UNIT warranty on all equipment serviced including heads, motors, lasers, cartridges, tubes and vacuum tube power supply parts if those parts are replaced during repair. Upon completion, ALL REPAIRS are sealed with TAMPER PROOF LABELS**.   Has your equipment been "looked at"  by another shop? If so, please contact us / ask to speak with Mark about it !

CONTACT: (914) 739-2885 / mark@sound-smith.com

 The Soundsmith maintains a VOICE-MAIL system, allowing you to easily check the status of your repair 24 hours a day; - just use a "store code" of 99 plus your ticket or RA (Return Authorization) number.

Price Limit Information:
All equipment sent to us will be AUTOMATICALLY  repaired unless we find while working on it that the repair would go over the maximum limit for your particular model (see repair policy price lists). If repairs can be completed for the limit or LESS, we will proceed. A few unusual "High End" and "Esoteric" units have a higher limit for parts and labor and are NOT covered by our price chart .- Always feel free to contact us to inquire if you are not certain what category your equipment belongs to. If we find the repair would go over the limit, we will call you with a free estimate unless the unit has been badly worked on (see below).

Should I send money with my repair?
No - we will call you AFTER we have worked on your repair - we take VISA/Master Card/Discover. ....If you twist our arms, both of them, hard...we will take AMEX. We reserve the right to insist on cash only if there has been any difficulty or history of bad credit.  We can take checks without releasing the unit if we wait 10 days for the check to clear.

Free Estimate/Return Shipping Info: 
Do we provide up front estimates? Generally not*. Often the only way to determine how much repair is needed is to perform most of the repair, to see how the rest of the unit is working ! After we start repairs, if we find that repair charges will go over the limit, we will call you with a free estimate UNLESS WE FIND THE UNIT HAS BEEN POORLY WORKED ON*.  If the repair is not wanted at that time, we take the loss for any parts and labor, and will return the unit to you by UPS COD for the cost of shipping charges only. On completed repairs, we pay all return insurance & shipping charges within the 48 states.

THE FOLLOWING  paragraph has been added as of 12-17-13 -

As indicated clearly below, if you are the owner of a heavy amplifier, or delicate unit, you must contact us first. The reason for this is that we obviously do not pay for hand-making internal padding, boxing/crating/return trucking/insurance of heavy equipment for free, as the costs for this would easily outstrip any profit from repair after business costs. It may seem strange to you reading this that we had to actually post this, but we recently had a customer who did not read the below note about contacting us "if you own heavy or delicate gear", and actually attacked us for not operating our business at an extreme loss for him by creating boxing, internal padding, crating, trucking and insurance for him for free, and complained to the attorney general in two states. I may publish his name here soon, as soon as I verify I am allowed to do so, as he has, by his actions, made it a matter of public record.

* Poorly worked on units may be subject to a one or two hour parts/labor fee - our rate is $110/hour. We will sometimes evaluate a unit that has been "looked at" or worked on unsuccessfully by another shop. Charges for our time and parts can be applied to the finished repair. - IF YOU KNOW THAT THE UNIT HAS BEEN WORKED ON, OR DON'T KNOW THE HISTORY OF THE UNIT, PLEASE Contact us / ask for Mark)

CONTACT: (914) 739-2885 / mark@sound-smith.com


Repair Time/Information Provided
Our work load varies with the seasons. We maintain a very large parts stock, making typical repair time 20-45 working days (from day of receipt of repair). Please bear in mind that some obsolete parts are difficult to obtain, some must come from overseas, and some are hand made which can delay your repair. We can rush repairs for a $100 charge.

 INFORMATION PROVIDED: We will supply your repair to you with a bill listing the sections worked on, and mention if those sections were upgraded with Soundsmith upgrades for reliability. We do not return or list detailed parts for the following reasons: 1) Our desire to dispose of toxic materials properly (lead, PCB's etc.) 2) Our desire to maintain intellectual property regarding common failure items for specific models. 

Boxing and Shipping Instructions:

(If you are shipping a McIntosh, Turntable, heavy amplifier or any  delicate unit, call and ask for Mark)
We love your equipment as much as you do. To protect it, it MUST be double boxed as follows: wrap the unit with LARGE BUBBLE wrap ONLY (1" bubbles - NO "PEANUTS") till there is a 4- 6" THICKNESS of cushioning around the unit, and then place in BOX #1. Lean more towards the 6" thickness if the unit is HEAVY! Use 3" minimum of ANY type of cushioning material between box 1 and box 2.

 If the original box and fillers are available, double box as well with 3" of cushioning between original box and box 2. Following this procedure will protect your shipment. We strongly suggest that you insure your shipment ($1000 minimum suggested) - insurance is very inexpensive (UPS = .35 cents/$100, or $3.50 for $1000 of insurance) Following our packing procedure is critical for assuring insurance validity. We therefore we reserve the right to charge you for re-boxing if you did not box it in accordance with our guidelines.

CONTACT: (914) 739-2885 / mark@sound-smith.com


There are a few important considerations:

1) Protect the spindles ! (these are the shafts that come out of the REEL TABLES (the platforms that the reels rest on) >The easiest thing is to use 10" HUB ADAPTERS if your machine takes 10" reels, and you have these adapters. If not, then obtain a cardboard mailing tube about 2.5" in diameter, and cut off two lengths, each being just slightly longer than the spindles. Place them onto the spindles, and stuff foam or newspaper into the hole, to keep them in place. This will protect them if the machine is shipped face down!

2) Obtain 1" bubble wrap ONLY (this is the bubble wrap with 1" diameter bubbles). Wrap the machine fully and snugly so that there is a 6" MINIMUM thickness of bubble wrap ON ALL SIDES. When you wrap with bubble wrap, make sure the bubble side faces towards the machine, smooth side of the wrap faces out. Tape the wrap well with packing tape.

3) Locate a strong shipping box. Please note that UPS has a "magic" number for box size. They call the longest dimension the "length" and add that to TWO TIMES the other two dimensions. If that number is equal to or less than 130, you are OK. If not, then you may want to consider another shipping service.

4) DO NOT USE A "MAILBOXES" or UPS shipping store or agent - they charge lots of money for packing, and place a surcharge on shipping and insurance costs. ALWAYS pack the unit yourself, as these services often DO NOT FOLLOW ANY PACKING INSTRUCTIONS YOU GIVE THEM. Please go directly to UPS itself.

5) Insurance: UPS provides SPECIAL HANDLING for any box insured for $5000. They will NOT use ramps or the like if you insure to that level. We think it is always a wise move. Their charges for insurance are $3.50 per $1000, so this costs $17.50 ONLY IF YOU GO DIRECTLY TO A UPS FACILITY.

6) Place the unit in a strong box, and fill ANY remaining space with ANY type of normal packing material (peanuts, balled up newspaper, bubble wrap, etc) BUT MAKE SURE WHEN YOU ARE DONE THE BOX IS TIGHTLY PACKED.

7) WRITE our RA number on the outside of the box. Please include a letter inside with the unit with your name, address, phone numbers, and a list of the problems you are having with the unit IN SYMPTOM FORM please!


A "Mailboxes" outlet can do this for you, but they charge quite a bit for their work and place surcharges on everything.  UPS WILL pick up from you personally for a $5.00 one time fee, which is very convenient. To save $$, call UPS yourself, box, insure and ship it from home or work !  UPS telephone is 1-800 742 5877 - They take CHARGE CARDS - all you need are BOX DIMENSIONS  and Weight.  The Post Office, DHL, FEDEX and Airborne are other options.

If you cannot find boxes, we can design and ship them to you !

UPS Guidelines: UPS has the magic number 130.

The longest dimension of your box is the length. Add the length to twice the height, and twice the width. If that number is 130 or less, UPS is OK. If the number you get is more, call us for help!

Please write your RA# on the outside of the outer box. Our shipping address:

The Soundsmith Corp.
8 John Walsh Blvd., Suite 417
Peekskill, NY 10566



800-942-8009 or FAX (914) 739 5204.

** Removal or any sign of tampering with any tamper label absolutely voids any and all warranties. Walk-in customers must sign our "paid form" acknowledging both their payment and function of the unit at the time of pickup. This form also includes a statement indicating the physical condition of the unit and the understanding that the warranty is dependent on the status of the TAMPER LABELS. 


CONTACT: (914) 739-2885 / mark@sound-smith.com



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