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Phono Preamps

Our MMP4 and MMP3 preamps are designed for high output MC, MM or MI cartridges — cartridges that have an output of 2 mV or more. They features 43 dB of gain,and 47K loading. While the MMP3 is our top range preamp for high output cartridges, the MMP4 is a lower cost version of our famous MMP3 design, and a significant value.

Our new MMP3 is a low cost way to enjoy your MC cartridge; it is designed with continuously variable loading (10 Ohms to 5K Ohms) to allow use with any MC cart and to tune the high end response for your listening preference.

The Soundsmith MMP & MCP preamps are revolutionary designs for their price - and the comments we get at each hi-fi show prove it. These preamps are what we use to demo our cartridges at all our shows even our high end cartridge designs.


Monarch Bookshelf Speakers. Huge sound from a legacy speaker designer.... 

Our smallest "stand mount" or mini-monitor


Ultra linear high current circuitry MOSFET ZERO feedback design. Designed and hand-made by Soundsmith Founder and President Peter Ledermann.

Speaker Stands

Speaker stands that adjust to your needs - Easily changes to one, two or three foot height.


The CDT-4 is a an automated non-invasive tester for any audio signal path - as well as CD players, DVD, Laser disc players, CD ROM's, preamplifiers, amplifiers, tuners, DAT's, VCR's, tape decks and A/D and D/A's. Anywhere you can insert an audio signal and wish to test for integrity over time.

Cartridge mounting screw set! Only two hands needed to install your cartridge! Adds headshell weight (if desired) to improve sonics - PATENTS PENDING

A "must have" device for VPI owners who have dreamed of a way to easily adjust both tracking force and azimuth ~ without losing one setting while adjusting the other ~ we introduce the Soundsmith "Counter Intuitive".


Grace F9 Replacement stylus are now available! All models personally built by Peter Ledermann. These are in LIMITED PRODUCTION - once more will be made.  

Strain Gauge Preamplifier

Above: Our Flagship Strain Gauge Preamp - the SG-810

  • The Strain Gauge cartridge is not at all like any other cartridge....

  •  All other cartridges, whether moving magnet, moving coil, or moving iron, are "generators" - that is, you put motion in, and you get energy out... they generate a tiny voltage that you amplify and send to your speakers.

They Said What?

Is the industry half-asleep? Or are there other powers at work preventing Peter Ledermann's Strain Gauge pickup from being the most hotly discussed cartridge on the market? Either way, it's a scandal.

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