Grace F9 Replacement Stylus

NEW! GRACE F9 Replacement stylus are now available!

Soundsmith OCL Nude stylus-Ruby Cantilever RUBY-OCL (RED)  $499
Soundsmith CL Nude stylus-Ruby Cantilever RUBY-CL (RED)  $399
Soundsmith Nude CL Stylus-Aluminum Cantilever RS-9U (BLUE)  $299
Soundsmith Nude Elliptical stylus-Aluminum Cantilever RS-9E (BLUE)  $199 

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These are photos of our NEW Soundsmith replacement styli - all 4 models.

All models personally built by Peter Ledermann. These are in LIMITED PRODUCTION - once more will be made.  

Additional images

They Said What?

Is the industry half-asleep? Or are there other powers at work preventing Peter Ledermann's Strain Gauge pickup from being the most hotly discussed cartridge on the market? Either way, it's a scandal.

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