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The world's best turntables use Soundsmith because we've been designing and hand-building the world's best phono-cartridges for more than thirty years.


Featured Soundsmith Products : Zephyr MIMC, Sotto Voce, & Hyperion

Born in the USA, artisan made, and state-of-the-art - always.

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"At the under $2000 price point, the new low output Soundsmith Zephyr MIMIC Star is an overachiever that gives you a glimpse of the best in terms of non-mechanical, artifact-free performance..." - Michael Fremer / Made in  the USA. Rebuild Price? $350 - Only 20% of MSRP, as always ! ~  The Zephyr MIMC Star features a 1 year warranty to the original owner. 

Medium output, otherwise identical to The Voice. Kudos, accolades and many “Product of the Year” awards. The pinnacle of High Output designs – from Soundsmith – of course. Sotto Voce is our special medium output version. Each one hand crafted by Peter Ledermann - Made in  the USA. Rebuild Price? $450 - Less than 20% of MSRP ! ~  The Sotto Voce features a 1 year warranty to the original owner

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The truest testament to the quality and performance of any audio component is what others in the industry have to say about it. Find out why the Soundsmith Hyperion is the go-to cartridge for many of the world's most highly esteemed equipment manufacturers. Each one hand crafted by Peter Ledermann - Made in  the USA. Rebuild Price? $850  ~ Less than 20% of MSRP - The Hyperion features an industry first: A 10 year free retipping service for stylus wear to the original owner.

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Superb Cartridges, Premium Service, and an Unparalleled Warranty

Soundsmith makes best in class audio products that we service and fully support.
We also service many other brands of electronics.

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Soundsmith Products

Award-winning Strain Gauge Phono Cartridge Systems. Fixed Coil Stereo and Mono cartridge designs; Speakers, stands. Power Amplifiers. Phono Preamps for MM, MI and MC. We are also the sole manufacturer for B&O compatible phono cartridges. We also designed and sell our patented CDT-4 automated audio tester.

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Classic Electronics Repair & Restoration

More than 40 years of expert restorations and service for classic audio owners. Unheard of ONE YEAR full unit warranty when we are done. Our team of specialists have singular  engineering and technical documentation compiled from many of the selected engineers that Peter Ledermann has personally approved and completed training with. No one knows audio better.....than Soundsmith.

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Cartridge Re-tipping & Rebuilding

"Can my cartridge be rebuilt, even if the cantilever is snapped off?" The answer is usually ~ yes. We offer Diamond and Cantilever repair and replacement. We also provide in-depth repairs as needed - and are the  singular company held in highest regard for such precise internal cartridge repair work. 

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They Said What?

"The Voice will wring every last drop of performance from it at a price that, in a world where most competitors go for two, three and four grand (up to ten large), is extremely reasonable and probably a great bargain. It is easily a reference quality cartridge with the added edge of being supremely musical, which is why Peter is going to have to pry this thing from my cold, bloody hand to get it back!"

- James Darby, StereoMojo

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