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New from DirectGrace Records,
Elio Villafranca: Flower By The Dry River
available for purchase (double vinyl album),

DirectGrace Records: Recordings to rescue children

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NEW !!! - GRACE F9 Replacement stylus

~ Limited Production run - Available NOW ~
Soundsmith OCL Nude stylus-Ruby Cantilever RUBY-OCL (RED)$499
Soundsmith CL Nude stylus-Ruby Cantilever RUBY-CL (RED) $399
Soundsmith Nude CL Stylus-Aluminum Cantilever RS-9U (BLUE) $299
Soundsmith Nude Elliptical stylus-Aluminum Cantilever RS-9E (BLUE) $199

Replacement stylus for grace cartridge

New lower cost version of the award winning Strain Gauge Cartridge System with same great sound as our full featured models !

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“In short, this is one of the handful of high-end products so good and so different, it really is worth serious travel to hear.”   - Review by Athony Cordesman  -

                               The Absolute Sound March 2010


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WINNER - HiFi Choice "Product of the Year - 2009" for Innovation

WINNER - Editors Choice award


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