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>> Ultra low effective moving mass resulting in superlative transient and micro detail performance

>> Single Crystal Ruby Cantilever

>> Selected “Optimized Contour” nude Contact Line diamond stylus

>> Tracks from 1.8 to 2.2 grams

>> Channel separation > 34dB

>> Compliance = 10

>> Body Weight =          8.79 Grams

>> Output - 0.3mV

>> Virtually hum-free operation due to six sided magnetic shielding



[and introducing the NEW Sussurro Paua -click for description]

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Inspired by Frank Schröder, designed and individually crafted by Peter Ledermann.....Soundsmith's long awaited NEW top of the line moving Iron cartridge ~ The Sussurro ~

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Frank Schröder is not only a highly gifted tone arm designer and builder but also one of the most insightful audio engineers alive today.  In an informal meeting at an audio show it would have been easy to have overlooked his suggestion that I work on a low output moving iron cartridge design.  However his reasoning was impeccable and the seed for a new product was sown.   Frank has been testing our prototypes throughout the development phase, providing his insightful and invaluable feedback along the way.

But the other inside story of The Sussurro is that it is a cartridge designed to specifically address the most critical issues of cartridge design. Because the laws of physics don't change all that often, cartridges must adhere to first principles, and do it carefully - to get sublime results. 

In accord with those laws, the Sussurro has an unbelievably low effective moving mass. Among the important benefits of that is the increased effect of the damping system - which means it can be reduced - a critical requirement for retrieving micro detail and not glossing over what you want to hear. The unique Sussurro damping system has been critically tuned as well ~ so that ALL primary resonances are absolutely tamed. Then all critical stationary parts are fixed rigidly within its tiny magnetic structure and the fully shielded magnetic case is engineered for extreme stability - holding all non-moving parts in exact position at all times.

  Finally, an innovative energy distribution system designed to effectively transfer the mechanical energy away from the cantilever through the cartridge body into the tone arm.


We are very pleased. You will be too - but be cautioned - when you cue down to listen to just one track, you will wind up playing the complete side and be very late for your meeting. Happens every time.

Peter Ledermann


  Some have asked......

"Moving Iron Cartridges better?? I thought that moving COIL types are the best??"


Our cartridges overturn the myth that moving coil cartridges are the only path towards perfection. After all, what is the accepted “advantage” of moving coil cartridges? Low effective moving mass, right? Well, we've got less. Much less. And if you understand EFFECTIVE moving mass, Less IS more. Why is that good? Because when you lower the moving system mass, it’s easier to control. If it’s easier to control, the stylus can stay in better contact with the groove walls. That’s good, because if you can’t stay in contact with the groove walls, you can’t hear what’s on the record.


Once you’ve heard your new Sussurro cartridge, you’ll never go back.

The introductory price of each precision hand made Sussurro is $4800 - hand made from start to finish by Peter Ledermann - numbered and signed in the beautiful wooden box ~

The Sussurro is also available in true DUAL COIL MONO for the same price. Just when you were sure it couldn't get any better.....


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Sussurro is available in:
Body: Wood
Compliance: Low
Output: Stereo

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“Sussurro” Product Information:
Product Specs (.pdf)
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Sussurro Technical specifications
Stylus Contact Line Nude, 0.100mm SQ
Radius of curvature

OCL (Optimized Contour Contact Line)


Cantilever Ruby
Recommended Tracking force: 1.8 to 2.2 Grams
Effective tip mass 0.30 mg
Compliance 10µm/mN (low compliance)
Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz ± 1.0 dB
Channel Separation
(stereo only)
1000 Hz >34 dB
50-15,000 >25 dB
Channel difference <0.5 dB (Stereo)
<1.0 dB (Mono)
Output @5 cm/sec. 0.3 mV
Retipping Cost $550
Cartridge weight 8.79 Grams
Load: 470 Ohm model now available; Loading range 300-800 Ohms recommended load