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The Strain Gauge on

a VPI HRX turntable
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The Soundsmith is proud to be a VPI turntable dealer, and will be glad to perform a custom set-up with any VPI turntable of your choice. We offer the Strain Gauge cartridge system, as well as a variety of ultra-low moving mass "moving iron" cartridges, including "The Voice", our recently developed and acclaimed
"MM input" compatible cartridge.

The Strain Gauge

 The Strain Gauge cartridge is not at all like any other cartridge.

 All other cartridges, whether moving magnet, moving coil, or moving iron, are "generators" - that is, you put motion in, and you get energy out...

 a tiny voltage that you amplify and send to your speakers.

 The key here in describing all other cartridges is in the word moving.

  All other cartridges need to move a mass around - a magnet, and iron core with wires (moving "coil") or moving iron.

 They are all magnetic generating systems, which require a mass to be constantly moved to generate a voltage.

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  • Frequency response, DC to 50 Khz

  • No "RIAA" filter circuitry is required or used in our preamp - just one super clean gain stage

  • Compatible with standard "4 wire" tone arm wiring

  • User Replaceable Nude "Contact-Line" stylus w/Ruby Cantilever (varied stylus types avail)

  • System Price includes Strain Gauge Cartridge and Soundsmith SG Preamp

  • "Fixed" Line level & +10dB variable outputs, both Balanced and Unbalanced (via RCA jacks)

  • High Compliance design assures excellent tracking ability with any tone arm

  • All models now feature toggling between the Strain Gauge function and single or (multiple) line inputs for maximum hookup flexibility to your equipment

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 Now, with one giant leap, your strain gauge cartridge has leapfrogged the finest moving coil cartridges..... I was completely stunned....” (Ijaz Khan, M.D.)

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The Strain Gauge is available in:
SG-810 Our top model is a multi-function preamp and full function Strain Gauge Preamp; It features the SG function plus 4 line inputs & tape monitor, Front panel "touch" & Remote control input switching, volume, mute and power with full Strain Gauge performance displays and lighting intensity control
SG-610 Dedicated Preamp for Strain gauge - Front panel "touch" & Remote control for volume, mute and power; full Strain Gauge performance displays; lighting intensity control (auto room adjust or manual "linear control" from lights off to full bright)
SG-600 Dedicated Preamp for Strain Gauge - Same as 610, no remote control
SG-510 Dedicated Preamp for Strain Gauge and full function preamp - SG input plus 4 line inputs & tape monitor; Front panel "touch" & Remote control for input switching, volume, mute and power, no displays
SG-500 Dedicated Preamp for Strain Gauge and full function preamp - same as SG-510, but no remote control
SG-410 Dedicated SG Preamp - Remote & Manual control for Volume, mute & power
SG-400 Dedicated SG Preamp only - Manual Volume, mute & power
Replacement Styli
SGS-1 Bonded Shibata/Aluminum Cantilever
SGS-2 Nude Elliptical, Aluminum cantilever
SGS-3 Special 1 mil radius conical (for vintage 48-49 records)
SGS-4 78 RPM stylus - special Soundsmith EQ in line circuit must be used
SGS-5 Nude Contact Line/Ruby Cantilever (Our "standard" that is supplied with the cartridge)
SGS-6 Nude "Optimized Contour" Contact Line/Ruby Cantilever
More Information:
Additional Options:
  • Wood Front available in Walnut or Mahogany
  • other woods can also be special ordered
  • Available in 120 or 230/240 volt power