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"We have seen the future... and we can fix it"

"Now, with one giant leap, your strain gauge cartridge has leapfrogged the finest moving coil cartridges..... I was completely stunned...."

The Sussurro

         Soundsmith's NEW moving Iron cartridge

Inspired by Frank Schroder, designed and individually crafted by Peter Ledermann.....Soundsmith's long awaited NEW top of the line moving Iron cartridge    ~ The Sussurro ~


"We had a chance to audition "The Voice" phono cartridge... I prefer it to some moving coil cartridges at three times it's price."

for B&O turntables

"Your cartridge has a marvelous clarity that I did not hear using my B&O MMC20S spherical... I heard more detail than I imagined was even recorded."

Selected Denon cartridges re-engineered by Peter to deliver very high-end performance for moving coil enthusiasts.